Vault 2400

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Powervault 2400 is a portable high-end fashion off-Grid energy storage power generator, which can support solar panel dc charging input. It provides AC/DC 12V/120V/5V output, ideal for various equipment like drones for aerial photography, portable ventilators or other portable medical equipment, mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers, small printers, portable fridges, photographic equipment, and multiple types of lighting etc. The unit is lightweight making it a convenient power backup for home, travel, working outdoors, camping, picnics and of course emergency power backup.

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230V 2400W Portable Power Stations
Model Number PV_2400J
AC Output Power 2400W
Battery Type LiFePO4
Battery Capacity 2200Wh
Materials ABS+PC
AC Output Voltage 230V
Warranty 2 YEARS

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